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For all you cupcakers and lonesome doves out there. Peep the mixtape the homie Stkee put out alongside side The Associates & Friends. This mixtape slaps. Crank it up in the system crusin' the downtown SJ all day! Hella Bastos mentioned on track 1. Ohhh shizzyyyy.

User Submitted Mixtape: The Associates & Friends – Broken Hearts Club
It all started last year when we were recording a bunch of random songs for fun. Heitman had a penchant for finding ill beats and we ended up writing to a Lil Wayne and Bobby Valentino beat. The result was a song about females entering and leaving our lives. A year later we revisited our original recordings and finally got an artist to sing the hook.
As a result of reviewing the song, the Broken Hearts Club was created. We realized everyone’s been hurt and there’s lot of different stories and perspectives that all results with someone being hurt. Life isn’t black and white. With this project we’re exploring many different situations where things can go wrong in a relationship.
Recruiting the talents of The Associates, Hitman, Ver5e, Bossquach, and DJ Eternal this mixtape offers unique and entertaining perspectives how everyone approaches a bad situation. I hope that with our lyrical prowess it can help support anyone suffering a broken heart.


Download “The Associates & Friends – Broken Hearts Club” Here

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