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what's up everyone!? i want to thanks Rex again for giving me this wonderful opportunity to help blog and represent the valley! 209 be hella bastos! so here's a little about me for you guys to get to know me just a little.

Name: Ralph Warren

Nick Names: Cralp

Hometown: 209 Stockton, CA

Hospital Born At: Kaiser; San Jose CA

Car: 2002 Honda Accord Sedan 5speed

Starbucks, Pete's or 7-11 coffee: i actually love the coffee at mcdonald's

Favorite way to get bastos: spankwire.com ;D

Favorite Bastos movie: She's just not that in to you (hellabastos)

Favorite Rota Wheel: grid's

Website: ubeicecream.tumblr.com

Shoutouts: my partner in crime Joy! she's hellabastos. i'm going to ask her to help me blog, cuz she gets down with picture taking at meets and shows and stuff! stay posted for her work. Arnold, cuz he's just hellabastos like that haha. actually the meaning behind JARWTF is our initials joy, arnold, ralph and wtf stands for way to fresh ;D

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