Skeez gon' bastos for HB member of May

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Welcome our HB honorary member of the month for MAY ; Skeez! He's actually been bastos for quite a while now, he's been reppin' in the southside of stockton long before i started to blog on here. So if anyone should know wassup about HB , he's on it. I always have fun with our random adventures of being bastos haha wheter it be going to baseball games or the weekly Canibeat meet here in stockton, so holler atcha boy next time you see him.

1. How did you hear about
The computer.

2.What does hellabastos mean to you?
Means to me nasty and sicck at all time. My any means nessary!

3.What is your favorite way to get bastos?
Light some candles bring out moms favorite AVON lotion and sal-sal to wowowee. Jk

4.What do you currently drive, and what are your future plans with it?
93 Honda civic cx my plans for my car is done unless... I trade it for a Clydesdale horse haha.

5. Favorite bastos movie..
The ones on Hollllller!..

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