Recap: TurtleSpeed x HellaBastos Car Meet

by - 8:46 AM

With the continuous growth of both and, and our interest with modified cars, we decided to organize/host our first Car Meet, which was held last Friday (7/1/11).

The turn-out was way better than expected. Me and the Bastos Boss (Gyrex) had arrived at the lot around 8:30pm as we had planned for the meet to begin at 9pm. As early as 8:45pm, people had started showing up. There was a huge variety of different cars ranging imports, euro's, and domestics.

With this the result of this meet having a awesome turn-out, we plan on organizing another one very soon.

As for now, check out the pictures from the "TurtleSpeed x HellaBastos Sumertime Meet"

The lot quickly filled up as soon as 9pm hit

Clean CRZ

The homie Loreto brought neck breakin' Civic Ek

Simple, yet clean S2K rollin' into the lot

Classic VW Bugs came out

The homie John John texts while people check out his Bug.

Hondas came out lookin' fresh as always

Part of the filled up lot

Luxury Cars lookin' clean

More pictures from the meet can be viewed here

*Photos taken by John Panem

Thanks to all the homies, crews, and everyone else that came out to support!!!

Until then, stay tuned-in for the next TurtleSpeed x HellaBastos Car Meet...

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