HB x MoMM Vegas Re-Cap

by - 10:19 PM

The 702 crew for the week consisted of gyrex, rudeboy, and wes went out to Vegas this week for M.A.G.I.C and a little vacay from home. The motto of the week was "get bucked" so we did. Extreme partying all week and some major wagering were done on the tables. Here's a little re-cap of the mayhem.

MAGIC at Mandalay Bay.
 Booger Kids, Breezy, and MoMM chattin' it up.
 Staple Designs super clean booth setup.
On the strip with Woody and Buzz. Peep that MoMM crewneck.
 Eve performing at Haze.
 Outdoor patio at Marquee. That venue was crackin'.
 Rudeboy got a little too happy... and ummm... Im not sure. lol
 I've never had Pink's before so grabbed a quick bite to see what it was all about. I was super stuffed from the bacon something something (forget the exact name). Nice outdoor seating across from the Cosmo.
 Our DMT Fam came down to party on Friday. So we had to extend our stay a bit.
These two Burnett Bulldog childhood friends are causing trouble from the 6th floor.
 This past weeks choice of beverages.
 See you soon Vegas!

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