Saturday via instagram\iPhone at the home base

by - 9:54 PM

I think it's time to add a girl's touch to this manly man blog, don't you think ladies and gents? Sabrina here putting in my two cents! Bringing you a visual snippet of how our day has panned out so far.

Setting up the new storefront with Wesley. Get all your gear from Hella Bastos, Money On My Mind, Breezy Excursion, Booger Kids, Adapt, and so much more at the official grand opening. Stay posted...

Working hard.

Time for some brew.

Peachy keen.

Benz, 9th gen Si, TSX, and Cadi.

Have a good night y'all! Stay safe, stay fly, stay bastos. Til next time...

Don't forget to get at your girl =)
instagram @notsabrina

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