Product Review: Vestax Typhoon

by - 12:22 PM

Decided to invest in a Vestax Typhoon. I'm pretty sure i'll always be using my turntable/ mixer setup at gigs but what I hate is always tearing it down and setting back up. That's where the Typhoon comes in handy. Also, I keep my equipment setup in my garage/ studio setup. Typhoon stays in my room where I can dj while being a bum and watching TV.

Overall setup was easy. Popped in the Traktor LE CD into my Mac CD drive and let it install. Attach the USB cable and power it up. Easy like 1-2-3 Mac and Cheese. The only tricky part is configuring the Traktor to get proper sound output, but after a quick Google search online, a easy how-to forum post was found. Problem solved!

As for software. The Traktor layout took some getting use to. Nice simple easy to read layout btw. The unit responds well after adjusting the sensitivity knob on the back. I would probably compare the platter to lower end cdj's. You can cue up songs, Baby scratch but no fast scratching. You can feel the lag quite a bit.

Overall, for the price it's not too bad. I've seen them go for $250-260 new online. I was able to get it for $279 at Guitar Center plus tax. Retails for $299. I see the Typhoon as a tool to practice mixing, a portable mixing setup to dj smaller partys or for someone who wants to learn to dj.

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