Audio/ Featured Dj: The 4th Quarter Mix by Dj CMC

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    If you see a nerdy looking kid behind the DJ booth surrounded by a gang of hot chicks, then you’re probably giggin to the sounds of Christian Camarillo, better known as DJ CMC.

    Growing up CMC he surrounded himself with music. He played the piano, flute, clarinet, trumpet, drums, guitar, and did a mean “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on the recorder. Influenced by his older cousins and other old school mobile DJs like Club 106 and SBC, he began DJing at the age of 13 and in addition to Chicken McNuggets and his Jordan IV’s – it’s been one of his greatest loves ever since.

   While the name may be new to you, CMC is definitely not new to the game. Having spun at clubs all over the Bay Area like Suite 181, Sutra, and Mist, CMC hopes to take his passion for DJing to infinity and beyond – or to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Miami at the very least.

   While CMC loves having the opportunity to travel and meet new people for doing something he loves to do anyway, there’s nothing he loves more than the satisfaction he gets when he hears a collective roar from the crowd when he plays a song they all like … just don’t ever ask him to play track (insert random track # here) of (insert random artists name here) album.

For more info and Dj CMC's upcoming events, check out his facebook at:

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