Hella Bastos' Honorary Member of the Month!

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So me and Rex were discussing about how certain people show their hellabastos support and deserve some limelight! We both agreed that Joy Pacaro from Stockton has been laying it down with HB! So I decided to make her the first Honorary Member of the Month! and what is this Honorary Member of the month hooplah all about anyways? If chosen, you will be awarded with a custom HB decal! made exclusively for each of our Honorary Member's of the month! sound good? Show us how bastos you are and you may be chosen next month! Well, enough of this introduction stuff, lets get to know a little about Joy.

1. How did you hear about Hella Bastos?
-my good friend Ralph, one of the staff/blog authors here on HB

2. What's your favorite way to get bastos?

-dancing in my room in my boyshorts and tanktop listening to Britney Spears!

3. What car do you currently drive? Any future dream cars?

-not driving right now, but i plan to start driving my Dad's Talon! hellabastos!

4. Do you have a favorite import model?

-Elissa Alva =D

5. Tell us 3 random things about you.

-i carry 3 combs with me at all times,
-i love to listen to wiz khalifa and telepop! ,
-i've never been to Disneyland; someone take me please!

interviewed by Ralph "JARWTF"

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