April's HB honorary member of the month

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Rex and I both agreed that you deserve to be an honorary HB member of the month, since you've been HB since your support with buying decals, spreading the word, and FB reposts and tagging all done this past month. Thanks again, and your custom decal will be delivered to you soon! keep it bastos all day!

1. How did you hear about HellaBastos?
I heard about HellaBastos through yours truly Ralph.

2. What car do you drive, what is your future dream car?
I currently drive a 92 4d eg. But when I'm rolling in the BENJI's I want me a SW20 MR2 ^_^

3. Any hobb
My hobbies are riding Fixed gears bicycles. Poetry. And beer pong that's a hobby right?? Haha

4. What is your favorite way to get bastos?
My favorite way to get Bastos is to wake up in the morning turn my swag on. take pictures of myself taking a piss "censored" ver. Of course. Haha and watch white horses jump into a puddle of mud cuz we all know thats HELLABASTOS

5. Do you like the big su-su?
Big susu?? I mean who doesn't love them?
? To die for tho
ugh ^_^

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