Ralph's latest Vegas Trip!

by - 10:15 AM

so a few weeks ago , i went to Vegas for a bachelor party... needless to say, it was pretty much "the hangover" status hahahaha. Here's just a few random pics i took (vlogs will be uploaded in the future) of me trying to spend HB around! and i gave a bunch of stickers to my bestfriend out there to spread on the UNLV campus, so stay tuned for that! in the mean time enjoy these pics..

slapped a HB sticker on the back of the New York New York roller coaster ride ;D
in the parking garage of IP
our roots! expensive but good!
hotel room
our hotel
the hotel we should of stayed at.. haha

our view from our room!

stay tuned for more vegas adventure pics and videos! this is just a sample! it got pretty crazy!

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