Recap: YBHS 5th Annual Car Show

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This past Saturday (5/7/11) I went to check out Yerba Buena High School's 5th Annual Car Show in San Jose, Ca. Being that this was a event where the proceeds are for the school, I figured that this would be a great event to attend.

The event was not as "hyped-up" as last year's event, but it was a good turn-out nonetheless. There was a bunch of different types of cars, which is always good. Imports are always awesome to check out, but it's always a plus when you have some good lookin' domestics/classics as well. There were also a good amount of vendors; Weksos, Elusive, and Adapt Clothing just to name a few.

Since I'm not a photographer and I don't have a camera (besides my cell phone), majority of the photos below were taken by other photographers. I was surprised that I couldn't find many pictures of the even up online, when I saw a bunch of photographers. Ohh well, maybe it's time for my to invest in a camera...LOL

Here are a few pictures I found online courtesy of

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