Reno 411!

by - 10:26 AM

Last weekend we made a trip to Reno for my buddy Minh's birthday. He likes celebrating his birthday every year in America's Biggest Littlest City. Why? I'm not too sure why... The same weekend was also the Pacquiao fight. So I decided to rock my Pacquiao Couch shirt from the homie Stkee, as my friends were rockin' their Hella Basto's Tee's

All we did was pretty much get slizzered, watch the fight, gamble, eat, gamble, more drank, and get tattoos. lol...

On to the pics!

 25+ year olds playing games at Circus Circus.
 Shoutout to Billy T. for hookin' it up with the shots!
Big fans of The Moody Blues
Boomtown Lobster Buffet! Best $30 i've ever spent!

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