JUNE hellabastos honorary member of the month

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When i messaged Phillip about being the member of the month, he asked if i sent the same default "congratulatory message" to all of the past winners, HAHAH. Nah, Phil honestly you've been doing your part of representing and promoting very well! I noticed without even being filipino you still rep it hard! From posting pics, and posting on our walls on FB with your sense of humor!. Thanks for the support man, and see you friday!

1. How did you hear about hellabastos.com?
Bastos boss be coming to my Starbucks errrday.

2. I noticed your last name is Pham? Do you have any Filipino roots?
Pham = Vietnamese, Filipino roots? I dated mostly Filipino girls. Down with that adobo, tocino, & sinagang.

3. What does hellabastos mean to you?
Hellabastos means making sure my paint matches the Milano Pink.

4. What is your favorite way to get bastos?
Falling asleep in my comfy Recaros while driving.

5. What is your favorite drink at Starbucks?
How about iced coffee from Peet's instead? Shit will get you bastoswired.

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