July's Honorary HB member of the month.

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Kenneth "KVERB" Hernandez from the 530 Yuba City! Congratulations for being July's HB honorary member of the month.

Kenneth aka Kverb is one bastos dude, he's the one with the majority of "planking" pics you see tagged up on our facebook page, from the top of his house, to the middle of six flags, no shame all game! haha. He just recently got his motorcycle back from the shop and his ready to ride! gonna be hooking him up with a decal soon to represent, thanks for spreading the HBness up in the northern valley cuz.

1. How did you hear about hellabastos.com?
My cousin - Ralph is the 209 division head honcho & my cousin Ejae - member of the Wyldkard Crew from San Jose.

2. What does hellabastos mean to you?
Hellabastos to me means DOPE/SICK/OOOWEEE.

3. What is your favorite way to get bastos?
My favorite way to get bastos is to replaying videos of Bella Gonzalez (Shane Mosley's girlfriend) - her ass be hellabastos tho! Yeeee!

4. Where do you currently work?
I'm a Teller at Chase Bank.

5. What are some of your ambitions?
Ambitions I have: become an RN, get in a boxing ring and get a few amateur fights, to meet Pacquiao & Team Pacquiao (I am this November, godfamily got the hookups, Yeee!), and to continue living a successfull & healthy life with the greatest friends and family I have!

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