HB T-SHIRT design contest

by - 4:10 PM

Good with Photoshop? Paintpro? or even just regular Paint on Windows? Show us your work! We will be running a contest (details below) to help us choose our next shirt design for the new fall/winter line!

here's a sample pic that i threw together..

- please keep it classy, no profanity or nude pics on designs (that's too bastos)
- submit pics at ralph@hellabastos.com or tag us up on facebook!
- depending on number of entries, top 3 or top 5 will be showcased and voting will begin (details later)
- winner will receive a free shirt of the new design, and participants will get HB box stickers.
- you have now until sept 3 , so go get busy! thanks and have a nice rest of you weekend!

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