HB honorary member of the month! SEPTEMBER

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Congratulations to Ariane M. !!!

So, this month's HB honorary member of the month goes to Ms. Ariane. Isn't she pretty? =) well, a few reasons she stood out for being HB member of the month is that she is actually a very good customer! down below you will see how much she spent so far on HB apparel, and she always keeps in touch with whats new with HB, tagging pics, etc. and yes, that is a bottle of orange sauce at the bottom! haha. La Vic's FTW!

1. How did you hear about hellabastos.com?
-Ralph Madriaga

2. What does hellabastos mean to you?
-Uhm, it means hellaNASTY!

3. How much do you think you spent on HB apparel/gear?
-Hmmm, i'd say close to $100!

4. Who's your celebrity crush?
-Ian Somerhalder from Vampire Diaries

5. Shoutouts?
-Shoutout to my bro doing it big in SJ, proud of him. The homies who stayed solid, & and the HB fam for making a dope clothing line!

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