October/November HB honorary member of the month!

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Late entry on this months HB honorary member, so i'm gonnna combine last and this months. But it still works out, since the past few months this dude here Marvin has been showing hard work in the HB game! buying decals and clothes left and right. He reps us hard from norcal to socal! So here's a lil something about him...

1. how did you hear about hellabastos.com?
2. what does hellabastos mean to you?
3. what's your favorite way to get bastos?
4. current car and plans for it?
5. how much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

1. I heard about hellabastos when i first heard of a car meet on tuesday nights at sonics and i saw Ralph. THen i ask myself, daym! hellabastos huh? how can i get into that shit. lol Ralph was like rock the decal. i was like shit im down wit it! lol
2. Hellabastos means being rude and mean on all levels of the road. I mean being low to the daym muthafukkin flooo!! Like i told ralph, "if it aint tight, it aint right" yee!
3. My favorite way to get hellabastos is when im driving, and her top is down lol. Referring to my ride aka laylani.
4.Current plans for my 91 miata at the moment is just to go lower than what i have on now. Thinking about going on coils. Racelands are my best bet yet.
5. Daym iono, but all i know is i get HELLABASTOS wit it!

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