December's HB Honorary Member of the Month!

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Almost the end of the year, and even closer Christmas is around the corner! It's been a hectic month for I'm sure most of us, but that didn't make me forget about this month's bastos member! It's hard nowadays to simply pick one person to showcase here on the blog since everyone has really been representing hard! Cuz i'm pretty sure this time last year, HB wasn't as big, and now has turned from a simple car blog, to much more! clothing brand has been doing good, thanks again for everyone's support! but for this month i'm going to give it to mr. Arnold G. here, aka arnoldbruhh, you prolly seen him in the promotional video for, or even ran into him to the shop's grandopening representing hb209's flip cup team! originally from stockton, now residing in the bay for school, SFSU, maybe you fellow gator's seen him there? haha. he's been down to rep HB since when i even first joined the HB fam. Thanks to my former neighbor for keeping it bastos in the city and still manage to hit the books hard!

1. How did you hear about
-through HB209!

2. What do you drive, or want to drive?
-2000 EM1 Civic SI (someday)

3. So you go to SF state, what is your major and career plans?
- my major is Nursing, and i want to be an RN someday

4. Do you have a favorite import model?
-Elissa Alva!!!!!

5. Do you know who Miranda Kerr is? if so, would you choose, her or Elissa?
-I mean, she's fine as hell to, but i already made marriage arrangements with Elissa, haha.

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