January/February HB Honorary Member of the Month!

by - 6:53 PM

Congratulations to Majarishi Chua for being our first HB honorary member of 2012! She's been putting work and showing hard support for hellabastos! Sportin' a custom tee, she's definitely gonna be one of our bastos girl models! She's actually going to school for art, and hopefully can design some new logos, tee's, hoodies, stickers, etc! Who else is excited? GOOD JOB MAJA!

1. How did you hear about hellabastos.com?
Through Ralph, of course!

2. What does hellabastos mean to you?
Bunch of dope people that created such a dope and growing name for themselves!

3. What are some of your ambitions?
To keep on chasin' my dreams and work with the graphic design industry.

4. Where do you currently go to school?
Art Institute of California -- Sacramento

5. What are some of your leisure activities and hobbies?
I love to DANCE and do artsy stuff(:

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