What's new at HB?

by - 12:04 PM

The new year has been busy for the crew at HB. Business is going well. More and more people are adding us on fb daily and the website is getting more traffic!

Stay tuned as we will have new goodies coming out!

In the meantime here's some random HB flicks for ya'll to peep!

Our new HB window banner for the grown and sexy...
Our 209 HB division doin some work...
HB Kids! Our boy AJ!
HB x DMT on a Thursday night at D&B's.
Our boy Alwin rockin' his new HB x DMT tattoos...
Our good friends Val & Drea reppin' the HB in the homeland.
Got some J's? match em' up with an HB shirt! Women's V-Neck

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