2012 in the books.

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Happy Holidays ya'll! 2012 was a good year for HB. Did quite a bit of expanding. Within the clothing line itself and the business aspects. We moved to a new location which suits us a lot more. A more retail/ customer friendly location. Stay tuned for what the new year has in store for us and thank you for all the support!. Here's some highlights from the year...

 Rudeboy doodling at the new shops white board.
 jdm drew reppin' hb at the Blox Open House meet.
With the Inspire crew at Hot Import Nights.
Dj Neil Armstrong at Dunk Xchange.
Our old pal and fellow HB'er Buzz's wedding.
Clyde Carson stops by the shop.
One of many Vegas trips from the past year. 
Nisei with our Inspire homies.
and I have no idea... lol

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